Transportation of

temperature-controlled products

• About us •

Villatrans Srl with headquarters in Villafontana (Verona; northern Italy) organises the transportation and guarantees the delivery of temperature-controlled products in Europe.

The firm combines its expertise honed from 60 years working in the transportation world with the flexibility required to satisfy all transportation needs for fresh products.

Luca Fabris brings direct experience as a second-generation transporter and uses a team which, in turn, has the same level of experience.
Luca Fabris

• Destinations •

Villatrans performs daily services of transportation... and from Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Romania and Hungary, with the possibility of groupage.

• New Service •

Full trucks and groupage from Almeria and Valencia for:

Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia

• Transhipment platform and refrigerated vehicles •

Villatrans has a transhipment platform in Villafontana (Verona) at the crossroads of two strategic European corridors in northern Italy.

Villatrans uses its own refrigerated vehicles and a select network of exclusive collaborators that guarantees punctual delivery 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

• We are the strongpoint •

Villatrans’s strongpoint is the flexibility and promptness by which it implements orders.

Its awareness, attention to detail and impeccable service derive from years of experience and from its sensitivity to the needs of its Customers.



• Contacts •

Where we are

Via Villafontana, 253
37051 Villafontana
Verona (Italy)
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Contact details

T. +39 045 6998166
F. +39 045 6998165

Logistica Austria: +39 045 6998162
Logistica Est Europa: +39 045 6998158